Affirmative Prayer for Virgin Galactic – Spaceship Company

By Rev. Lucinda Martin November 9, 2014

As some of you know, one of my sons has been working for Virgin Galactic & Spaceship Company. Sadly, October 31 was a tragic day; Spaceshiptwo crashed resulting in the

loss of one pilot and injuries to another. My son shared with me how the entire company is in deep grief and the efforts being made in navigating this, gracefully.

Please join in with healing thoughts and prayers in support of all of the employees,families and friends.

I am in awe of how our children’s generation is pioneering such magnanimous innovation in support of humankind. Below is a link to a website that VG will now be using to continue communication about what they are doing and why. In reading thewebsite I was inspirited by the messages and wanted to share one quote:“For Virgin Galactic, everything rest on our vision of creating accessible and democratized space that will benefit humanity in countless ways for generations to come. Like early air or sea technologies, the development is not easy and comes with great risks, but our team of more than 400 dedicated engineers and technicians are committed to realizing the potential of this endeavor. From research, to travel, to innovations, we believe that the technology our industry is pioneering is crucial to the advancement of humanity.” George Whitesides, CEO for the Virgin Galactic and Spaceship Company.

Mike Alsbury

I have also posted below a link for a memorial site and fund for Mike Alsbury and the link to Peter Siebold’s story of how he survived. Here is a quote from him;““I must have lost consciousness at first. I can’t remember anything about what happened but I must have come to during the fall. I remember waving to the chase plane and giving them the thumbs-up to tell them I was OK. I know it’s a miracle Isurvived.”hmmmmm - "miracle" he says.... love that.My heart desires to offer an Affirmative Prayer: (Affirmative prayers are written in first person so the reader/speaker has a full experience of “spiritual mind treatment” as taught by Ernest Holmes.) Blessed BE oh Great Spirit for the Divine Presence of Infinite Love and Support. It is in knowing the Truth of Infinite Mind, Creator of All – First Cause, there is only Wholeness and Wisdom and Oneness. Infinite Wisdom, is the Divine Expression of Great Spirit and I trust in Divine Order.

It is in this dark hour of sadness, I am reminded that behind the stormy clouds, Sun continues It’s expression of Great Light, as do the stars of Universe. It is in the knowing of Oneness how we are all connected that I remember this Truth for all: I AM a microcosmic expression of Macrocosmic, Creative Intelligence, and as such a Divine Expression of Wholeness, Peace and Wisdom.

Peter Siebold

I claim Wholeness, Peace and Faith for all the families and friends of Mike Alsbury and Peter Siebold.Mike Alsbury and Peter Siebold , friends, family and all of the devoted employees of Virgin Galactic – Spaceship Company are One with Great Spirit. Never can there be separation. In Knowing and trusting in Oneness, I trust in the Infinite Supply and Support for all, regardless of the human experience and appearances of loss and destruction. I give thanks for Divine Order being revealed, Peace restored, *Conviction deepened and Divine Wisdom expressed. Blessed be for the Infinite Supply and support for all of the families and friends.

God speed to Mike Asbury – may you and your family and friends be blessed by the Grace of Love and Golden Memories. Blessings for Peter Siebold – may the healings be swift. May the courage of all the employees and families continue to inspire humankind. May the sacrifices made by the employees and families continue to be a source of encouragement for humankind. And, may Great Spirit - Creative Intelligence, continue to bring the wind beneath the wings of all the pioneers of space travel.

Blessed BE. And so it is. * The Virtue of Conviction: The strength of showing that one is firmly convinced of what one believes or says even when no one is watching.





Photos: Mike Alsbury - Rest In Peace and Peter Siebold


Weekly Prayers Gracefully Offered

BY REV. DIANA MOORE - Nov 3, 2014

Good Morning!

We have crossed the threshold.  We have entered a new time.  Things are not as they appear and they are not as they used to be.  What feels like loss may be an exchange.  What feels like a simple gift may be a major transformation.  One mere thought can lead to a volcanic eruption of abundant blessings.  We are living in a time of fast changes that are both tangible and intangible.  If we are not living our “calling”, now is the time to clarify what that is. We are living into an evolution of energy shifts that affect how we think, feel and act, and allow us to go deeper into who we truly are.  We need to be gentle, loving and forgiving of ourselves, and our loved ones.  We are all here for a reason and part of that reason is to walk together, arm in arm, with loving hearts.  I feel blessed to be walking with you.

With Love & Gratitude,


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Forgiveness -The Final Frontier

Join us for a one day workshop.

RevSherry Flyer - Forgiveness 9 27 14

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Grief Support for Bereaved Youth and Families _ Josie's Place

The Forgotten Mourners

Grief Support for Bereaved Youth and Families _ Josie's Place

Every child grieves the loss of a loved one differently. Children have been referred to as the "forgotten mourners" because their grief process is often eclipsed by the adults around them.

"Randy, a sophomore in high school, was 14 when his dad died of colon cancer. This is how he describes the experience of grieving the death of his dad:

It's been six months since my dad died. I haven't told my friends how I feel. I just smile and make everybody laugh so they don't know how much it hurts. I don't talk to my mom because I don't want her to feel worse. Once I did, but she got all teary. I felt like crying too. No way am I going to cry. " – excerpted from Article on Grief by the Dougy Center www.dougy.org

Josie's Place in San Francisco is modeled after the Dougy Center in Portland Oregon. They help children and youth work through feelings and questions regarding death, sickness and grief and offer training for volunteer facilitators. Twice a month, they hold free grief support groups for families coping with loss and sometimes offer school-based support.

Their Mission

Josie's Place is founded on the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to grieve in a supportive and understanding environment.

• We believe that grief is a natural reaction to the loss of a loved one.
• We believe that individuals have the inner ability to heal himself/herself.
• We believe that the grieving process is unique for each individual, both in terms of intensity and duration.
• There is no "right" way to grieve.
• We believe that understanding, compassion, caring and acceptance aid families with their grief process.

Josie's Place Community Night

Join the Josie's Place community for an evening of food, talent and art. Make connections, find friends, offer support. Get involved by taking to the stage, sharing your art and bringing your favorite dish!

Saturday, March 1, 2013
First Unitarian Universalist Society of SF
1187 Franklin Street (at Geary Street), San Francisco

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let them know how you wish to participate in Josie's Place Community Night.


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Sonnet 89 by Pablo Neruda "When I die"

Words written to his wife in the event of his death.

When I die, I want your hands on my eyes:
I want the light and wheat of your beloved hands
to pass their freshness over me once more:
I want to feel the softness that changed my destiny.

I want you to live while I wait for you, asleep.
I want your ears still to hear the wind, I want you
to sniff the sea's aroma that we loved together,
to continue to walk on the sand we walk on.

I want what I love to continue to live,
and you whom I love and sang above everything else
to continue to flourish, full-flowered:

so that you can reach everything my love directs you to.
so that my shadow can travel along in your hair,
so that everything can learn the reason for my song.

(Original in Spanish)
Cuando yo muera quiero tus manos en mis ojos:
quiero la luz y el trigo de tus manos amadas
pasar una vez más sobre mí su frescura:
sentir la suavidad que cambió mi destino.

Quiero que vivas mientras yo, dormido, te espero,
quiero que tus oídos sigan oyendo el viento,
que huelas el aroma del mar que amamos juntos
y que sigas pisando la arena que pisamos.

Quiero que lo que amo siga vivo
y a ti te amé y canté sobre todas las cosas,
por eso sigue tú floreciendo, florida,

para que alcances todo lo que mi amor te ordena.
para que se pasee mi sombra por tu pelo,
para que así conozcan la razón de mi canto.

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Spiritual Coaching / Companionship

Spiritual Companionship

Spiritual Companionship offers safe, honest communication, where we are met with compassionate listening and questioning as we navigate life’s challenges, grief, anger and trauma. We are guided to “empty our cup” and seek an improved expression of Truth & Love.

Private sessions with a Spiritual Companion are a means to rediscover our virtues the spiritual qualities - we possess within: Love, Hope, Peace, Trust, Restorative Justice, Joy, Contentment and more.

About Graceful Mournings

We offer personalized services for memorials, celebration of life ceremonies and grief support during many of life’s transitions: loss of a loved one, health, pets, work, and relationships.

We are an independent nonsectarian association of Interfaith Ministers and Celebrants, providing support to people of all cultures and beliefs, by offering services promoting peace, hope, optimism and health.

For more information please review the website. You may contact a spiritual companion in your area to discuss schedules and fees for sessions.

About Lucinda

Lucinda is an ordained, Interfaith Minister, offering Spiritual Coaching & Companionship sessions based upon spiritual principles. She is a workshop facilitator, and founder of www.vowsandkisses.com, Wedding Officiants and www.gracefulmournings.com, an association of professional Interfaith/Interspiritual Celebrants.

Lucinda is not a therapist and does not provide counseling services.

Spiritual Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions provide an opportunity to explore a variety of skills or techniques to promote emotional healing and rediscovery of one’s true purpose, sometimes called “authentic self”.

Some topics in our session might include:

  • How to “Honor Spirit”:We explore a variety of ways to promote daily reflection, stillness, meditation & reverence.
  • Positive Communication:We learn how to replace shaming and blaming with personal responsibility and respect. Developing a language of spiritual qualities that inspires and encourages self and others becomes a loving way to deepen our relationships.
  • Healthy Boundaries: With regard for restorative justice, and reparation we learn how to co-exist with others, peacefully. We replace the tendency to “argue, separate, alienate or divide” by creating well-defined boundaries to protect our time, health and energy, in a respectful way.
  • Forgiveness:We all make “learnings” (mistakes) and with spiritual companionship & coaching we recognize the opportunities for personal growth, forgiveness, and renewal of commitment for personal excellence. We develop greater self-confidence with humility – a willingness to learn, free of self-judgment.

Please contact Lucinda Martin to schedule a Complimentary one hour session.

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Senior Helpers - Where to Go to Know

Care and comfort at a moment's notice.

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Lucinda Martin on KSRO's Aging Matters

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Lucinda Martin was recently interviewed by KSRO’s Robert Nations of the Aging Matters Show. Click on the podcast to hear her discuss Vows & Kisses, Graceful Mournings and the spiritual companioning and counseling provided by her Associates. The show ends as her calm, warm voice guides listeners into a deep breathing exercise that can be used for stress relief and meditation. Enjoy!

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