Lucinda Martin

Interfaith Minister, Graceful Mournings Founder

Hello, I am Lucinda Martin, an Ordained Interfaith Minister of One Spirit Seminary, New York, NY. Welcome to Graceful Mournings and may I express my heart-felt condolences in your loss.

With years of spiritual studies, a mother of five sons, serving as a ceremony celebrant, spiritual companion and my work as an executive assistant, I have developed the organizational skills and deep passion to create an association of professional celebrants.

As a “non-religious” spiritual minister embracing all spiritual traditions and symbolic rituals I have been divinely guided in creating “Graceful Mournings”. It is my heartfelt desire to support interfaith/multi-faith ministers and families in finding each other. As a result, I have been blessed by the support of family and spiritual practitioners devoted to Interfaith/Multi Faith ministry, in helping to create this association.

Specializing in ceremony rituals, as a professional celebrant, I have witnessed the positive impact that rituals have on families and their friends as they navigate the grief process, forgiveness and healing.  Although grief can be a very private and sometimes lonely process, I believe it is important to have a hand to hold as we walk through the darkness of death. With loving support and guidance we may walk this passageway together, allowing for the light of love, healing and transformation to be revealed.

I have found many people, whether they consider themselves “spiritual but not religious” or atheist or agnostic, often recognize their beliefs as a personal relationship with God, a Creative Intelligence – or Mother Nature. Graceful Mournings celebrants are skilled in “spiritual companioning” – a communication skill assisting people in revealing the truths and answers they have within themselves.

Often with the guidance of a celebrant the exploration of one’s personal relationship to God can deepen. And, It is important that agnostics & atheists are lovingly encouraged to embrace their sorrow in an authentic way and to feel supported in this.   We explore these things as you are guided in creative options that could be included in the funeral, memorial service or celebration of life ceremony.

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