Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life

Celebration of Life Ceremony

Losses of a loved one, regardless of the circumstances, will always create an experience of sadness and sometimes confusion and despair.  Funerals help us to process that someone has died; it can be very difficult to accept that painful reality. Memorial services help us to remember the person and by sharing our memories we experience hope for the future. By coming together we can support each other and lift each other up and ultimately, we begin to face our own immortality and feelings around life and death.

By sharing our stories we recognize and honor the significance of our loved one’s life and this helps to bring a sense of purpose in our own continued living.  

A celebration of life memorial service focuses on the positive and encouraging aspects of the deceased’s life. There area many ways to celebrate a persons life and it can be done with a touch of tasteful humor, sharing of funny stories, endearing photos, slide shows, meaningful objects, favorite poems or music. Including an interactive ritual like a candle lighting ceremony or prayer stone ceremony is a meaningful way to engage everyone attending.

Your Graceful Mournings celebrant will share many options during your consultation and help facilitate a Celebration of Life Ceremony that honors your loved one respectfully and supports family and friends attending.

We here to guide you in the process with experience and compassion.