Val Jean M Wilkinson


She was born in North Hollywood, Ca to Josephine & Walter Fellows the youngest of 4 girls (and a younger brother). She lived in Ca till she was 5 yr. old then moved to Kentucky with her father and sisters for a couple years.. The Girls returned to Ca and my mom finished her education and after leaving High school she worked and met my dad Daniel Cossette in her early 20's... They got married in the little Brown Church in Sherman Oaks and started a life together. My parents had me in 1959 and we were a great little trio... In 1971 my parents got divorced and 18 years later my mom married John Wilkinson. They met at the film studios while they were working and they enjoyed more then 25 years working and playing together. My mom lost john in 2003 and she was very sad and I think she really never got over loosing John. She lived in Oceanside for over 20 years and on Dec. 15th she moved to Indio to start another chapter of her life.. My mom was an amazing artist, gardener, designer and loved to make crafts. She wrote a children's book and created all the characters. She was clean and organized to a fault but we loved her for it... She had the biggest heart and gave anyone the benefit of the doubt. She was very trusting and gave what she could. She was always there to give advise or be a shoulder to cry on.. She was a loving daughter, sister, aunt, mother and friend and she is loved and will be missed....

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