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We are passionate in collaborating with the funeral home or crematory to ensure the memorial service or ceremony truly reflects the essence of your loved one.  We facilitate a deeper connection of family and friends by encouraging an interactive approach in the sharing of meaningful memories.

A memorial service and a newer approach, “celebration of life service” may be personalized in many creative ways.  In our initial consultation we will discuss the ways in which to facilitate this.  We encourage a deeper connection with family and friends and the deceased by sweetly embracing sorrow and giving voice to the memories.   Creating a safe environment, holding each other up in a supportive way is the purpose of a service.  For those desiring a deeper connection with God or personal spirituality, we will support you in this personal discovery and journey as well.  

As interfaith/multi-faith ministers we are skilled in crafting a ceremony of all religions and for families choosing non-religious we graciously honor and support this. By crafting a custom ceremony and by including a meaningful display and/or symbolic ritual, we will deliver a service that will be tender and memorable.